In the increasingly competitive conditions of our labour market, no employer could afford to risk its reputation as a reliable partner to its employees. Yet, changing market conditions call for continuous adjustments, when it comes to the workforce size and structure,in order to meet the business needs and maintain the desired productivity.

When the dynamic market imposes the restructuring within an organization, this often results in having

to release a number of employees. OD&M Consulting supports companies in the management of

restructuring and downsizing processes, providing individuals and groups with career transition services.


Redundancy is always an emotional experience for employees and the process itself can have a strong

impact on your organisation's reputation depending on how it is handled. By providing your employees

with Outplacement Services you can avoid negative consequences for the organisation by communicating

a strong message about treating employees with dignity and respect even at the most difficult of times.

What do the outplacement services include?

The outplacement services offered by OD&M Consulting help both the organisation and the employees

to go through the adversity of this process more smoothly. Outplacement is either delivered through

individual one-on-one sessions or in a group format.


We provide customised training, coaching and counselling on the following topics:


- Defining key personal assets and evaluating professional goals

- Resume writing and how to prepare for job interview

- Job search skills and targeting the job market

- Developing networks

- Career guidance and career evaluation

- How to use the severance payment wisely

- Starting up self-employed business activities

- How to cope with an unexpected career change



In addition to this, we provide to your employees:



- Active presentation of their resume to potential new employers

- Search activities for adequate professional positions on the market by contacting our clients,

  other employment agencies, and through networking and other contact strategies with the market



For more information please contact
hristina.pesic@gigroup.com and nelica.bogunovic@odmconsulting.com