Developing coaches

There are many ways to practice coaching. You can apply the coaching principles and ask powerful questions as a Manager as to the people in your team feel empowered and successful. You can act as a coach – internal or external to the organization and support people to achieve their specific goals.
In both scenarios we can support you to achieve excellence in coaching.
We can develop tailor-made training program for the managers and staff in your company in order to develop them as Coaches. This program will make it possible for them to lead result-focused, positive and future-oriented conversations. They will gain awareness and practical skills regarding:
  • What makes coaching distinct from other approaches in management
  • How coaching is different from consulting, training, counseling, etc.
  • The power of rapport, trust and solution focus
  • How to ask questions that inspire and forward an action
  • Applying coaching in various situations such as goal setting, generating ideas, finding solutions to problems, making decisions, giving feedback.